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Data: 2007-09-20
Internauts are more and more active

Over a billion people uses internet worldwide.

Role of the internet as an advertisement carrier. Even when other media advertisements' effectiveness seem to be dropping down, the online adverts continuously keeps it is high effectiveness.

The vortal is our passion

Creating we Educate polish market Renewable Energy Sources. We are highly focused on Reneable Energy Sources. If you're interested in approaching partners from Poland, you will surely find us useful.

We are a group of internet and modern e-business solutions fascinates. Internet is an environment that changes every day - and so is our portal. A need for promotion of your company image on the internet means you should get familiar with our offer. We may do it both and for you - in a professional and effective way.

Vortal is a modern platform for business-to-business cooperation for companies from Renewable Energy Sources industry. The Portal is designed to display presentations of companies and their business offers. Besides trade part of the vortal continues to provide readers with unbiased news, information on events, renewables technologies.
  • The biggest Renewable Energy Sources vortal in Poland
  • Professional service with the latest news
  • On the market since 2006
  • More than 25,000 visitors each month
  • Free access to all service functions
  • High position in search engines
  • The official partner of the biggest industry events -
mobile: +48 792 21 00 80

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